Monday, November 17, 2008

Primary Program

Sunday David had his primary program. He had a little part to say in the microphone and he's known it for a few weeks. He's supposed to say "I'm trying to be like Jesus by saying my prayers." Well when it was his turn to say his part he gets up and says "My house, I go to my house..." and a bunch of other random stuff. I was laughing so hard I was crying. He was the only one to go and say whatever he wanted. All the other kids said their lines. Oh David what to do with you.

David all handsome in his suit for the primary program

Jaylin all dressed up in her "Princess Dress"

David and Jaylin dressed and ready for church

David and Mommy

David and Daddy

Pictures of the Kids

Here are some more pictures of the kids.

Jaylin, Avery, and David hanging out on the stairs


Our little Avery (she's 8 months old!!!)


My nephew Spencer had his mission farewell last Sunday. He did a great job on his talk in sacrament meeting and I can't wait to hear his talk when he gets home. He will be serving in the St. Louis, Missouri Mission. Elder Moore went in the M.T.C. last Wednesday. We're all going to miss you Spencer, but we're so excited for you too. I don't know what happened but I didn't get a picture of Spencer with his mom so I'll have to see if I can track one down and post it.

Elder Spencer Moore with his Dad

Everyone getting some food

The family all being social.
Socializing and eating some yummy food

David sitting next to his cousin Ethan

More Snow!!!

We had more snow again. Check out how big the flakes are.

Just Chillin on a Saturday Afternoon

The kids didn't want to take a nap so we put our little TV in their room and let them watch a movie and relax for a couple hours. The had apples and string cheese for a snack while they watched their movie. Yai hung out with the kids for a while. As you can see David is in his Spiderman costume and Jaylin is wearing her Batman costume. They love to dress in their costumes and they'd wear them every day all day if I let them. Oh well at least it's less laundry for me ;)

David and Daddy relaxing watching a movie

Jaylin watching her movie in bed

Everyone relaxing watching a movie in the kids' room

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Trick or Treat

Our ward did Trunk or Treat on Halloween night so we took the kids there to do their trick or treating. They had a lot of fun and David went around twice.
Spiderman (David) and Dragon (Alex) waiting to go trunk or treat

Our kids and their best friends. Spiderman, Unicorn, Dragon, and Batman. (David, Emily, Alex, and Jaylin)

Avery was a dang cute pumpkin!!!

Our neighbors twins Bryce & Catherine (The tooth fairy and the tooth!)

Our next door neighbor Lizzie

Our ward eating chili and the kids waiting to go trunk or treat

All the cars lined up for the kids to go by to trunk or treat and get all their candy

After the kids settled down it was time for pj's and bed. The kids wore their Chinese silk pj's to bed.

David, Avery, and Jaylin my cute babies!!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Today was fast and testimony meeting in church. Jaylin kept asking me when it was her turn to go up to talk. So finally I took her up and David came up with us. Jaylin went first and then David. It was the first time they bore their testimonies. After we sat down they wanted to go up again. I think they just liked talking in the microphone. Yai and I were really impressed that the kids weren't afraid to get up in front of the whole congregation and talk. They're learning young!!!