Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jaylin's first day of Kindergarten

Jaylin is in school!!! She started Kindergarten today and we had a special day. First her teacher Mrs. Mikulecky had given her some confetti to put under her pillow the night before so she could have good dreams before she goes to school. Then Jaylin requested orange rolls and chocolate milk for her special breakfast. Then I took her to Cookie Cutters to get her hair trimmed and styled and her nails done before she goes to school in the afternoon. After she was all prettied up we went to Wal-Mart to buy an outfit for her to wear to school, then we went to McDonald's for lunch and she had a happy meal. Then it was time to go home and change her clothes and head off to her first day of school. I can't believe Jaylin is old enough to go to school!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Air Show 2011

We went to our first air show out in Wendover. It was pretty cool. We went with Yai's sister and her family. David loved looking at all the planes. Our favorite was the F16 wow was that jet loud and fast! We went to Subway for lunch and when we came back to park the van the F16 flew right over us, it was pretty low down and we had to hurry to cover our ears and hold on the car at the same time. It shook the van so much I thought the windows would explode. Pretty sweet. Of course we hurried and parked and ran back into the show to see some of the cool things this jet could do. After that David decided he wants to fly jets when he grows up, so maybe the Air Force will have a new recruit in about 14 years. I got totally fried. No one else got sunburned, just me. It was so bad that after we got home I sent Yai to Wal-Mart to buy a big bottle of Aloe Vera, which was a life saver. It definately was a fun day with family.
The kids and their cousins at the first jet in the exhibit.
Everyone checking out the cockpit of the plane
All the kids after they looked inside the plane
Watching the plane taxie on the runway
Check out that huge plane, it was pretty fun to look at
Our favorite jet the F16
Another view of the F16
Cute little blue plane
Look how close they fly in their formation. It was pretty crazy.
Checking out a Humvee.

Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of 2nd Grade 2011

David had his first day of 2nd Grade at Snow Springs Elementary. He has a great teacher this year, her name is Mrs. Morse. David requested strawberry milk, orange roll, and studel for his special breakfast. Can't believe he's in 2nd grade already.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Yai and David's First Father & Sons'

David and Yai had their first ever Father & Son's camp out with our ward in June. Our wonderful neighbors let them borrow their camping gear. Of course David loved it and has been talking about it for days. Now it looks like we will have to buy our own camping gear so we can do this as a family, since the girls have been wanting to try camping. I'm glad Yai and David were able to have such a great time and awesome bonding and a father and son.

David with his first campfire

David with the tent all set up

Inside the tent before they go to bed

David chillin around the campfire hanging with the boys

David and Tucker the next morning trying to warm up

Daddy and son at the end of their camp out.

David's Sleepover

David has been having sleepovers with his friend Jace for over a year now, and they can never wait to have another one. This time I just happened to have my camera and took some pictures. It was Jace's turn to sleep over at our house and the boys had a blast. They played games with the girls, and then of course David and Jace had to play the Wii and watch Mario movies all night. They even got to sleep in the family room by themselves. I'm so glad these boys are such good friends.
Jaylin with her pillow looking so cute

All the kids doing super hero poses

This is how I found the boys in the morning. Kids really can sleep anywhere, in any position
My little Bug is so dang cute!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

David and Jaylins' Tae Kwon Do Test

David tested for his Red Belt in Tae Kwon Do and Jaylin tested for her Senior Yellow Belt in Tae Kwon Do. They both did a great job. They both passed their test. Congratulations guys, you were awesome!!!

David waiting for his turn to test

David getting his board signed from Master Augustine, and Jaylin waiting for her turn to get her board signed.

Utah State Tae Kwon Do Championships 2011

David competed in the Utah State Tae Kwon Do Championships back in April and did amazing. He's a Senior Blue Belt and competed in Forms and Sparring. This tournament in a qualifying tournament to compete at Nationals, which David qualified for. David won his sparring match by a landslide of points. He did great! Unfortunately we did not go to San Jose, California this summer which is where Jr. Olympics/Nationals was held.
David and his friend Andrew holding their school banner for the Opening Ceremonies
David sitting with his team during the Opening Ceremonies
David and Avery sitting with their friend Cadence waiting for their turn to compete
David (on the right) bowing in for his forms competition
David with his 1st Place trophy in Forms
David (on the left) being declared the winner of the match
David with his 1st Place trophy from Sparring

Monday, August 1, 2011

Giving Buddy away

This summer we gave Buddy away. He was a good dog, house trained and obedient, but he kept chewing the kids toys. I felt like I was losing $10 here and $20 there and I just couldn't take it anymore. We gave him to my friends mom. Her husband had recently passed away and her dog is getting up there so they wanted him for a companion for her. She spoils him rotten. He sleeps on her bed with her and she also cooks dinner for him every day. I'm glad he went to a good home. The kids have adjusted fine to him being gone. They miss him, but they are also happy that their toys don't get ruined anymore.