Sunday, March 21, 2010

Christmas 2009!!!

We had a lot going on this Christmas Season. Jaylin's pre-school had a couple performances of the Christmas Story. Jaylin was the angel and was so cute. The kids performed for some Seniors and also for their families. They all did a great job. David helped out and was a shepard. We went swimming with some friends at a hotel in Salt Lake that had a water slide. That was pretty eventful. Jaylin thought she could swim without a life jacket and jumped right in when none of us was looking, thank goodness a young life guard was paying attention and jumped in to help her swim to the side. David's kindergarten class had a Christmas program for their families. It was cute, they sang songs and read their "Dear Santa" letters. My side of the family gets together every Christmas Eve and we have a buffet for dinner, read the Christmas story from the Bible, sing Christmas songs, and Santa comes with a present for the young grand kids. Then of course there is Christmas day where we stay home in our new Christmas jammies, play with our new toys, watch movies, and eat all day! Here a pictures of our festivities ;)

Jaylin in her pre-school play for the Seniors. Isn't she such a cute little angel?!

Jaylin meeting her new adoptive grandma and giving her a card she made in pre-school.

David singing songs in his kindergarten Christmas program. This is what his Dear Santa letter said that he read in front of everyone: "Dear Santa, please bring my mom and dad my new baby brother. Love, David." and NO I am not pregnant! He's just going to have to wait a while for that one ;)

My dad reading the Christmas story from Luke in the Bible.

David on Santa's lap

Jaylin on Santa's lap

Avery sitting on Santa's lap

Christmas presents under the tree ready for the kids Christmas morning.

Extra treats from Santa

Daddy and the kids coming down the stairs Christmas morning to see what "Santa" brought.

David and Jaylin checking out their new kitchen (Thanks Uncle Scott)

Mommy sitting with the kids watching movies in our new Christmas jammies.

David and Daddy sword fighting with the kids new light sabors. (We had to buy three, one for each kids so they wouldn't fight over them!)

Avery playing with the kitchen. She played with that for almost two hours none stop, she was so fascinated with it!

Jaylin had to go outside a test drive her new scooter. She loves it!

Avery all squished in her baby dolls pack and play ;)

The day after Christmas the kids got all bundled up and ready to play in the snow!

David, Jaylin, and Avery in the backyard playing in the snow!!!