Thursday, November 12, 2009

First Day of School

David started Kindergarten this year. He was so excited to finally go to school. He is in the afternoon kindergarten class. His teacher is Mrs. Mikulecky. So here are pictures of the BIG Day!

David wanted to have chocolate milk, pancakes, and a strawberry studel for breakfast to start his big day :)

Here is my Big Boy the morning of his first day of school.

Mrs. Mikulecky gave David some confetti to put under his pillow the night before school started to help him sleep good and be ready for school.

David all dressed and ready for school.

By the Snow Springs Elementary School Sign.

David with his friend Dallin. They are in the same class!

Mommy & Daddy with David getting ready to go in his classroom (Avery in the stroller)

David hanging up his back pack.

First Day of school is over.

Walking to the van after a fun first day of school. We are so proud of you Bug!!!

Happy Birthday David!!!

I know I am soooo far behind. David turned 5 years old in July. He had a great birthday. We just celebrated at home. He got Mario Cart for the Wii and played it ALL day. He also got a new bike and some other presents. I can't believe I have a 5 year old already. Where does the time go? Love you Bug!!!

David's Homemade chocolate birthday cake.

Make a wish

Playing Mario Cart with Jaylin

All of David's presents.