Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jaylin's Yellow Belt Tae Kwon Do Test

In March Jaylin tested for her yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do. She is the youngest in her class and the smallest. She did an awesome job. We are so proud of her. I posted a couple videos from her test.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Park City Fun with Cousins!

We went to Park City in March around Avery's birthday to go tubing. Unfortunately it was raining and the snow was all slushy, not good for tubing so they told us we could hang out and play in the snow for free! We went with Yai's sister and her family. The kids had so much fun playing in the snow with their cousins from St. George. This is a picture overload post :)

Yai and kids snowball fight



David being attacked with snow from daddy

David eating the snow

Avery so cute playing in the snow

David going head first down the snow hill

Jaylin going down the snowhill

Kensley going down the hill

Avery going down the hill

Jaylin going backwards

Kyleigh going down the hill

Avery at the top of the snow hill


We had a lot of snow and the girls decided they wanted to build a snowman. They used M&M's for the eyes and nose, Taffy pieces for the mouth, and Mini Marshmellows for the buttons.

Avery's 3rd Birthday!!!

Avery turned 3 in March, I know I'm just a little behind :) I made her a white sprinkle cake with pink strawberry frosting and put princess toys on the cake for her birthday. Sorry we forgot to take pictures of her blowing out the candles. She got a couple presents from us and a card with $5 in it from Nanny (my mom). Avery wanted to go to Mc Donald's for her birthday dinner so we let the kids play on their playground for a while then we had dinner and ice cream cones. When we got home we sang to Avery and had some cake, the kids took a bath and went to bed. Happy Birthday Avery!!!

Avery letting us know she's a big 3 year old.

Avery opened her card from Nanny and didn't realize there was $5 in the card. When I pointed it out to her she ran around to everyone showing us her money.

Opening a big present

It's a Hungry Hippo Game!

What could this present be?

I love her face looking at her new toy.

It's Snow White!