Saturday, March 14, 2009

Off to the Dentist

Yesterday I took David and Jaylin to the dentist for their check up and cleaning. It was Jaylin's 1st time and she did great! David has no cavities, unfortunately for Jaylin she has to go back on Tuesday to fix a little cavity she has between her two bottom teeth. The dentist said he won't need to numb her just zap zap and she's done. It's really small but he wants to fix it before it has a chance to get big and ugly. Both kids were smiling the whole time and had fun at the dentist. They are so great with kids they even let them hold some of the tools.

David getting a full head x-ray. I saw his x-rays and his permanent teeth are all developing under his baby teeth. It looks so weird seeing all those new teeth. The dentist said it will be a couple more years before David starts loosing his teeth though.

Jaylin getting a full head x-ray. She thought it was a game and wanted to go again.

David int he dentist chair waiting to get more x-rays

Hold still Bug!

Jaylin waiting to get her next set of x-rays she said "Mommy this blanket is heavy"

Hold still Princess!

David getting his teeth cleaned. He picked grape flavor

Jaylin getting her teeth cleaned she picked strawberry flavor

Jaylin getting a flouride treatment

Dr. Brett Tobler counting Jaylin's teeth and checking for cavities. Uh oh he found one :(

Dr. Tobler counting David's teeth and checking for cavities. Perfect healthy teeth :)
Good job David and Jaylin I'm so proud of you guys. You did a great job at the dentist.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Avery's 1st Birthday

Avery had her first birthday on March 4th. I baked a chocolate cake which is what I always do for my kids' first birthday. We invited our neighbors over for cake and ice cream. Avery had fun tasting the chocolate frosting and digging into her cake, she even rubbed it in her hair! Avery is a happy one year old with no teeth. Their are two on the bottom that we have been waiting for months to break through, hopefully it won't be too much longer now. I still can't believe my baby is one already :( Where does the time go? Happy Birthday baby girl, we love you so much!!!

David, Jaylin, and Avery waiting for cake time

Daddy bringing Avery her cake while we all sing to her

Avery trying to blow out her candle. She ended up blowing a raspberry to put out the candle. Good thing it was only on her piece of cake ;)

Playing with her frosting

Oh that tastes yummy!

All messy with cake in her hair and all over her body. I think my little monk-a-moo had a lot of fun eating and playing with her cake!!!

She was having so much fun. Happy Birthday Sweetheart.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

50th Birthday!!

My sister Elaine (the birthday girl) thanking everyone for coming to her birthday party.

Yai and Avery

Me and Avery

A picture wall of the past 50 years of Elaine's life, it was pretty cool!

Everyone admiring the picture wall

Opening some gifts

We had a great time celebrating my sister's 50th Birthday.