Sunday, August 28, 2011

Air Show 2011

We went to our first air show out in Wendover. It was pretty cool. We went with Yai's sister and her family. David loved looking at all the planes. Our favorite was the F16 wow was that jet loud and fast! We went to Subway for lunch and when we came back to park the van the F16 flew right over us, it was pretty low down and we had to hurry to cover our ears and hold on the car at the same time. It shook the van so much I thought the windows would explode. Pretty sweet. Of course we hurried and parked and ran back into the show to see some of the cool things this jet could do. After that David decided he wants to fly jets when he grows up, so maybe the Air Force will have a new recruit in about 14 years. I got totally fried. No one else got sunburned, just me. It was so bad that after we got home I sent Yai to Wal-Mart to buy a big bottle of Aloe Vera, which was a life saver. It definately was a fun day with family.
The kids and their cousins at the first jet in the exhibit.
Everyone checking out the cockpit of the plane
All the kids after they looked inside the plane
Watching the plane taxie on the runway
Check out that huge plane, it was pretty fun to look at
Our favorite jet the F16
Another view of the F16
Cute little blue plane
Look how close they fly in their formation. It was pretty crazy.
Checking out a Humvee.

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